When my ten-year-old German Shepard Lab mix started having hip issues, I researched the “all-natural way” to help him. I started giving both him and my other, female dog (two years old at the time) Cosequin and pure Alaskan Salmon Oil. I saw a big difference within a few weeks; however, my big guy has since passed away from cancer, and I also learned my female has a degenerative disease. I did more research and added turmeric to her diet, as well as changed the Cosequin to Dasuquin, again seeing a bigger difference. However, when she would play outside and run after her ball, she would have a hard time getting up the stairs at night, limping up them to go to bed. I started giving her the Elastanox and after only two weeks, she is running up and down the steps, not limping even after a long play date with her ball! We have since adopted another male dog (with no issues), but he still gets the Elastanox with every meal for preventative issues. Just like you and I take a vitamin, so should your dogs! I am a pet sitter and will be telling all of my clients about this product. It is amazing and I totally believe in this all-natural remedy! I am waiting for them to make one for humans! Thank you Rene for bringing my playful girl back to me, pain-free!

Christina Bryan, I Let Your Dogs Out, LLC
Pictured: Cherry


I am the proud owner of three rescue dogs: a twelve-year-old, a five-year-old, and a one-and-a-half-year-old. One has had knee surgery, while the oldest has an autoimmune disorder. We are a very active family and we love to go jogging and hiking on trails. Some days our dogs come home stiff and sore after a full day of hiking. I have always had a cabinet full of different anti-inflammatory products, until I was recommended Elastanox by a friend, and what a difference it’s made! Our oldest is full of life again and playing with the youngest all the time! I’ve noticed that they don’t have a hard time getting up and down anymore, with no more stiffness! Also, they all have such nice, shiny coats and less shedding! Thanks!

Jennifer S.
Pictured: Reese, Tucker, and Remy




I’ve been giving my eight-year-old German Shepard Elastanox for four years now and she’s full of energy, easily keeping up with my rambunctious, three-year-old Malinois! Recently, I’ve introduced another dog to my home, a two-year-old German Shepard, and being a shelter pet, he needed some extra care when he first arrived. I gave him Elastanox and was thrilled to see that, within the first two weeks, he was eating full meals and playing with my other dogs like he had been a part of the family forever! His runny stool quickly changed to a much more healthy appearance, and I could tell that his health was improving! I always make sure that he and his sisters get this amazing powder in their meals everyday to keep them feeling young, healthy, and happy! Thank you so much for helping my dogs look and feel their absolute best!

Juliann W.
Pictured: Viktor, Ania, and Lily


We absolutely LOVE this product! About a year ago, our eleven-year-old lab mix, Jada, had just finished surgery to remove a cancerous tumor, and she was beginning to have trouble walking. She would lay around, sleep, and not even make the effort to greet us at the door. We were beginning to prepare for the worst when a friend recommended Elastanox. We started Jada on it immediately and within a week to ten days, saw a marked improvement in her. She got that same spark back in her eye and was feeling much stronger. She began to play again with our younger dog, Remi, running around and playing tug-o-war. She even jumps up on the bed at night again and we don’t have to lift her. She is back to her “bossy” self again and keeps the family running on schedule. She greets everyone who comes in the house and is always at our side whether inside or out. We had never used a supplement before and were completely amazed at how much of a difference this made for our girl. She is close to twelve years old now and Jada has had another cancerous tumor removed, but her attitude and joy for life is giving us hope for at least a few more years to come. Thanks so much for Elastanox!

Sheila V.
Pictured: Jada and Remi