Elastanox Complete Supplement for Dogs (67g Small Jar)




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Brand: Elastanox

Why just give your dogs a joint supplement when you can give them a complete supplement?

Have your dogs been looking sluggish? Maybe not as active as they used to be, just not feeling their best? You give them the best food you can buy, maybe add a pill to help their joints, but it’s not enough. Then, you go to take your own daily multivitamin, a pill chock-full of all sorts of nutritional supplements, and you feel great. That’s when it hits you: I take a multivitamin, a capsule with everything I need, why shouldn’t my dogs get something like that, too? Maybe, it’ll make them feel as great as I do when I take mine! Enter Elastanox, an all-natural, complete supplement for dogs of all sizes and breeds. We combine seven ingredients proven to support your dog’s joints, immune system, circulation, and general health, and the best part is something very simple: we only add the good stuff to our supplement, none of those unnecessary sugars and preservatives.

Of course, the first thing you think of when you buy a new edible for your dogs is: will they actually eat it? Well, we’ve found that there’s just something about that fish oil and turmeric (two ingredients that support great circulation, heart function, and blood pressure and are not often found in most other dog supplements) that dogs really like! You and I may think it smells…not so great, but to dogs, it’s a real treat! And hey, whatever gets them to eat something that’s good for them, right? Best of all, using a complete supplement eliminates the hassle of having to add countless powders and pills to your dog’s bowl, since we’ve done all the mixing for you!

We have numerous dogs taking Elastanox, a few of which are in our own home, and we’ve noticed improvements in weeks! Dogs that had problems going up stairs or taking long walks gained more energy, and older dogs are feeling young again! There’s been less shedding, with coats looking shiny and smooth! So, why not give Elastanox a try? Its all-natural recipe is safe for any dog to consume, and we manufacture and package it in a facility that makes nothing else, so there’s no risk of contamination. If you give yourself a multivitamin and feel great taking it, it only makes sense to give your dog those same benefits!

We’re not re-inventing the wheel, we’re perfecting it, with Elastanox!

Available in small (67g/124 servings), medium (134g/248servings), large (268g/496 servings), and extra-large (534g/992 servings) jars.


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