What is ElastanoxE?
is a complete nutritional supplement for horses, containing 7 key ingredients to keep them healthy and active.

What are the ingredients and what do they do?
Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Mn Ascorbate are natural ingredients that are the building blocks of the cushioning in the joints. They help protect and rebuild joints.
DHA and EPA from fish oil are anti-inflammatory fatty acids. They help with heart and circulation, and aid the joint portion of ElastanoxE to be better absorbed.
Turmeric is a natural root (as well as antioxidant) with anti-inflammatory properties. This means it aids in keeping your dog’s insides healthy. It’s also been proven to aid in regulating blood pressure, boost immune system, regulate digestion, improve joints, and even help against some cancers.
Psyllium husk is known to many as Metamucil. It’s a remarkable fiber that can regulate blood sugar and bowels, reduce cholesterol, and keep veins clear.

Will there be any change in my horse when he or she starts ElastanoxE?
There should be no negative changes in your horse.

How long will it take my horse to get used to ElastanoxE?
Most horses are fully accustomed to ElastanoxE within 2-3 weeks.

Do I really need to give the “initial dosage”?
Only if your horse has never had a joint supplement before. If your horse is taking another joint supplement, you can go directly to the maintenance dosage.

How long does my horse need to be on the “initial dosage”?
Most horses respond within 2-3 weeks, but no longer than 4 weeks.

How long can I give my horse ElastanoxE?
If your horse is in generally good health, you can give him or her ElastanoxE for an extended period of time. Because it helps joints, immune system, circulatory system, and bowels, it is recommended that you continue using ElastanoxE as a part of his or her regular health routine.

Are the ingredients safe for all horses?
Yes, the ingredients are well-documented to aid in joints, immune system, and circulatory system. We’ve pick the manufacturers for their commitment to purity and quality.

Has any horse had any adverse reactions to ElastanoxE?
No, there are no reported cases of adverse reactions to ElastanoxE.

Where can I buy ElastanoxE?
is sold here on our website.

How quickly will I receive my order of ElastanoxE?
All orders are shipped within 2 business days of order receipt.